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. they are alexandria, arlington, fairfax, falls church, fredericksburg, king george, loudoun, manassas city, manassas park, orange, prince william and warren counties. now the biggest of these in our area is fairfax county with its 170,000 students, and that means many families are trying out their school routines for the first time this morning. kristin fisher is live at james madison high school in vienna, virginia with more. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. you know when fairfax county heads back to school you know that summer is indeed over. sad but true. as of today, all school systems in the dc area will be back in session. and you know there are certainly some perks to being the last school system in the area to go back to school, but for some procrastinating parents there are also some serious disadvantages and here's what i'm talking about. yesterday, stores like target, wal-mart, staples, they were slaughtly packed with fairfax county parents and their kids buying last-minute school supplies. roughly 175,000 students will be starting school today in fairfax county public schools making fa
-- fairfax county fire department says the stein was up up around 4:00 this morning. two hours later, around 6:00 a.m., someone either ignored that sign or didn't see it somehow. i'm not sure how you couldn't see that sign but either way they found themselves a quarter mile down the road. this is woodburn road in fairfax county and they found themselves trapped in their cars, stuck in two feet deep water. now, this water was coming from the creek, which had overrun its banks and had entirely flooded the roadway. well, fairfax county fire responded. the swift water team actually deployed two boats an they were about to use the boats to rescue the two people trapped inside the car. fortunately they never had to do that. two firefighters were able to get over to the car, open the door and get the two people inside out. no injuries to report. everybody was fine. but unfortunately that car is not doing so well. about four hours later, the car was finally towed out from the roadway. that's how long it took to get it out of there. and the main reason why is because, you know, the water was running
, everybody. fairfax county schools are ready for a new year. be careful. more buses are hitting the road. 66, we are slow already. take you outside from 50 to 123. the delay is growing toward nutley. keeping it moving the next check is 495 in virginia watching the congestion build around the braddock road area up to 66 you are fine. what you are looking at here is 270. heading southbound you have volume between germantown road to 370. on the outer loop, you are looking at plus seven minutes make it from new hampshire to georgia. no incidents or accidents or along the way. and finally wrap with a map. route 4, branch avenue, crane highway, watching volume pick up. no major problems to report in these neck of the woods. it is 6:01. back to you. >>> at the top of the hour, here's a look at the stories happening today. it is back to school today in northern virginia. a dozen districts return including fairfax, arlington, louden and prince william counties. we will have a live report from vienna in four minutes. >> the former jetblue flight attendant who made national headlines last month heads t
george's and fairfax and arlington and montgomery counties. crescent moon beginning to rise in the eastern sky. in the mountains, western maryland and west virginia, many locations chilly, near 50 there. high pressure over the region giving us plenty of sunshine today and a southerly breeze should warm us into the upper 80s by mid afternoon. not very humid. tomorrow, partly cloudy, midday clouds might produce a passing shower and blustery afternoon wind and cooler weather thursday and friday as the sun returns. ashley, how's the tuesday traffic now? >> i come bearing good news out of virginia. the beltway is wide open heading up towards 50 and 66. along 95, you do have company as you make your way leaving the prince william parkway towards route 1 seems to be the worse of it. this is the pace and the headlights may throw you off, they are at the posted speed limit there's a lot of drivers there. 270 southbound is starting to stack up, not terrible but definitely slow from 109 to the truck scales and after that, no problems. around the beltway, we are rolling problem free rig
. one of those worried democrats is freshman congress member jerry connell who represents fairfax, because fairfax is one of the wealthiest counties in the country. many folks who live there would see taxes go up if the bush era tax cuts go away as the president wants. but as peggy fox tells us, connellry is respectfully disagreeing with the president. >> reporter: when the press came to a fairfax neighborhood this week, he chose a place where a tax increase on the wealthiest americans doesn't sit well. >> i'm not sure if i'm in favor of that. i think it's worth looking at though. >> i want to see the bush tax cuts extended. >> reporter: the average household income in fairfax county is over $100,000. and though couples pulling in $250,000 or more may not consider themselves wealthy in this high cost of living region, they are and pay more taxes if the president has his way. >> but now is not the time to be raising taxes on any income group. >> reporter: congressman jerry connelly said raising taxes on the wealthy could hurt the economy, which is what the republicans have been arg
is the list this morning. the first day of classes in fairfax, prince will yiam, stafford, warden and alexandria. in fairfax, students will have to pay activity fees because of budget constraints. megan mcgrath has more from madison high school in vienna. >> reporter: a number of jurisdictions in our area have already gone back to school. this morning, it is fairfax county's turn. the students are headed back to class after a long summer vacation. this year promises some challenges. enrollment is up. the budgets are still very tight. it's the day some dread and others can't wait to arrive, the first day of school. fairfax county students were up bright and early this morning. at madison high school, the usual hugs and reunions. lots of excitement and first day jitters. >> a whole slew of new freshmen, i think it will be a fun year. i am going to try to go to new clubs. >> it's been a long summer. i've done a lot of stuff. i'm excited to be back in school. it's my senior year. we will see how it works out. >> this year promises to be a challenging one in fairfax county. enrollment
, the president went to fairfax -- today, the president went to fairfax to meet with what he called "average americans." >> in fairfax, president obama staunchly defended his and plan for moving forward. >> to not intervene would have been irresponsible. i do not know an economist, a democrat or republican, who would suggest otherwise. >> he wants tax cuts targeted to small businesses and people making less than $250,000 per year jointly. a creek in my neck right here. >> i bet you do. >> the senior republican said he is willing to vote for that plan. but if the only option i have is to vote for those at 2 under $50,000 and below, of course i will vote for that. -- $250,000 and below, of course i will vote for that. but i want better options. >> i do not think republicans have anything to offer as far as economic advice. >> it is a very retro political environment right now they are both saying what they think the public wants to hear in terms of getting reelected. they're not giving us any help at all. >> despite john boehner saying he would reluctantly support the president's plan, mitch m
. this is the best schools in the world. >> the fairfax county school board says the school is too small to keep up with the cost of keeping it open. 370 kids are told. the population will decline dramatically in the coming years. some parents say that they understand it boils down to the budget, but they say it will nevertheless effect on an already overloaded school system. >> it would be better if they could keep it open, mainly for the people in the community and it would keep enrollment around the area down. >> enrollment is up 20,000 students in fairfax county. millions have been cut from the budget. the superintendent says the school students will likely feel the pinch from previous cutbacks. >> we will feel those cutbacks for many years. >> parents are taking a hit this year in fairfax county. they are having to spend more for school related fees for athletics and advanced placement courses. at clifton elementary, the parents have filed a lawsuit against the school board to keep the school open. reporting live in fairfax county, pamela brown. >>> coastal communities are again cleaning up af
. it was the coolest today anno -- the coldest days since may 19. 55 degrees in winchester, 59 in fairfax and gaithersburg. the skies are beginning to get a little cloudy. vowel is moving to the rest of us, clearing up by 8:00 or 9:00 -- fog moving to the west. letson an update on mehzzerly commute with lisa baden. >>> we have construction on 66 westbound at glebe road coming out of rosslyn towards falls church, the left lane is closed. 95 virginia, the rohde board is gone. -- roadwork is gone. southbound at 32 there's roadwork that should be gone by the time you get there. the beltway travel books good, all 66 miles of it. back to you. >> thank you. >>> "we begin with a developing story out of springfield. a deadly shooting and the hunt for a suspect. >> fairfax county police found the man's body last night on the 6800 duffield aster drive. now the latest from courtney robinson. >> one man is dead at 6810 field and aster drive. -- fieldmaster dr. officers believe this is a possible home invasion. we are trying to get information from fairfax county police. 10:00 last night is when this
generally elsewhere in prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties. dulles, quarter minl. culpepper half a mile. la plata to under a mile. now they're back up and go. zero visibility in martinsburg, hagersto hagerstown. chilly morning in the 40s in the valley. fog western maryland, west virginia. over the fog the sky is beginning to clear out. as the day progresses the fog will dissipate. increasing sunshine. mostly sunny for the primary election day tomorrow. on wednesday, again, up near 80 with sunshine, low humidity. could get more much needed rain on thursday. jerry, how is the monday commute now? >> watch out for the fog. but certainly not an issue in town. a new traffic pattern to tell you about. 395 north bound, 14th street bridge. far left lane is taken away. this is i think the fifth phase. it's the left lane closed up. veer a little bit to the right. you can exit to the g.w. parkway. you start to lose the left lane. three lanes will get you by. everybody is doing it within fine fashion. see if that's the case elsewhere this morning. making a trip along 66. tom m
virginia. >> arlington, fairfax, loudoun county and others back in session this morning. this year, classrooms are hoping the effects of big budget cuts -- are coping with. >> doing more with less in northern virginia because a moment is higher and funding is down across the board compared with the last couple years. in fairfax county, 175 dozen students will flood the school system today. if that is 3200 more students than last year. a reason for the enrollment increase is an influx of young hispanic families with a higher birthrate. arlington county and alexandria counties have seen a rise in enrollment from 3% up to %. in fairfax county the funding for schools dropped by $34 million compared with last year. spending per student will be cut by $300 to $10,000. parents are having to dish out morakot for advanced placement courses and athletics. teachers have not had a pay raise in fairfax county the past couple years. the superintendent's post to change that in the next budget. his first stop will be at this high-school at 7:00 this morning. pamela brown reporting. >>> president o
elementary school were in class today 2 1/2 hours longer than most other students in fairfax county because they did away with monday early dismissal, a policy put in place back in 1970 at all elementary schools for teacher planning. but teachers still manage to get planning periods, thanks to four new positions added ten years ago. the program works because of the people here at pine springs. remarkably teachers have given up the chance to get an annual increase to their salary by 7% in order to hire four additional staffers. >> education does matter. this will make a difference in their future success. and so they are proud and happy to do it. >> you owe me $12 in taxes. >> reporter: that's the same time when seven under performing schools were given a modified calendar. they operated under the normal 180 school days but the ten weeks of vacation were spread out. >> a 45/15 schedule. 45 days of school and 15 days of intersession. >> reporter: so could president obama's wish for a longer school year really happen. >> it is possible and i think it would be beneficial for a large number of o
. and there is no explaining for that but patton is not and was not a current or former employee of the fairfax county police department and they do say when patton was arrested, he was carrying a back pack and inside was a gun. the zip ties, likeplastic handcuffs, brian, and duct tape. >>> a fight between two dogs in adams morgan ended with a d.c. officer shooting one. sheila martin silva claims her bischon was attacked by a pit bull mix. her dog is recovering. the man grabbed the dog and handed it badgeback to her. he was fostering the pit bull mix parrot and claims he had the situation under control when a d.c. officer arrived on the scene. >> officer fike grabbed -- threw my dog down, landed half on this upper triangle shape and on the ground o his back and spew. he ran to the top of the stairs and shot and killed my dog. >> i think the police did the right thing. the dog is aggressive, and i saw the dog biting. >> d.c. police say the shooting appears to have been justified. >>> a hazmat scare on capitol hill today. part of the capitol building was evacuated a
shenandoah valley and low 70s montgomery, arlington and fairfax. we'll clear out this afternoon with a blustery northwest wind and the wind will diminish tomorrow and we'll have the temperatures cooler with highs in the 70s and more of the same on friday and saturday with diminished winds. ashley, good morning, how's the traffic? >> we just had delays on 95 heading northbound from the prince william parkway. now we have an incident. as ult can see it's along the side of the road there along the far left side. center of the screen is the hov and they get beyond the issue no problem. hop in those if you can. if you are in the main line you are looking at significant delays. capitol beltway still gets a clean bill of health. you do pick up a little bit of company through silver spring, but mostly on the maryland side of things, delays from 109 heading for the truck scales. by the time you meet up with father hurley, the tail lights are heading down through the beltway and no problems through the bethesda area. >>> it is a controversy that is fueling protest around the world. a flor
. it is 78 in fairfax and gaithersburg. there is cool air off to the north and west. a lot of times, when you get a big difference in temperatures to the west, you have clear and warmer air to these. then you have a channel that sets up in the atmosphere. it acts almost like railroad tracks. the moisture just follows it straight up. that is the pattern we're expecting for tomorrow and into tomorrow night and thursday it will be much cooler and more humid air. it will head up the east coast through the day. there is a storm center over the great lakes. all this moisture will be funneled right up the east coast. there is a tornado watch set up for a couple of hours in new england. all the action is to these. cool weather is waiting to move in for the weekend. there will be very heavy rain and flash floods tomorrow and into thursday. rain will develop in the afternoon and bill become heavy -- and will become heavy tomorrow night. check this weekend. it will be in the 60's with sunshine. there is a real taste of autumn weather just around the corner. >> that is something to look forward to. >>> w
of southern maryland. route 5 and route 4 looking good. >>> a developing story from fairfax county. one person is dead after a possible home invasion late last night along the 6800 block of field master drive. courtney robinson is live in springfield with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. the man was found shot to death. this is a quiet neighborhood on a quiet street in orange hunt. officers are preparing to clear the scene. there is still crime tape up. officers believe this was a possible home invasion. they got a call around 10:00 then last night. it is not known if anyone is in custody. we do not believe this was a random act. they believe it was targeted. there's no threat to neighbors or anyone in the surrounding area. we are likely to get a little more information on all of this exactly what happened, what the police are saying in just couple hours. back to you. >> thank you. >>> an animal rescue organizations as a d.c. police officer used excessive force when he shot and killed a dog. the dog began fighting yesterday during a street festival in adams morgan. the officer tried
, the results are in. fairfax and wt winston square off tonight. we take a look at the matchup when we return.   bhap   . >>> a break for big ben, nfl commissioner goodell agreed to slash his suspension from six games to four. he was suspended in april for violating the league's conduct policy. he was accused of sectsually assaulting that georgia college student in a bar. weighs not charged with the crime. goodell believes he has lived up to his promise to stay out of trouble. >>> it's time for the high school game of the week. >> the woodson cavaliers with 48% of the vote. we have a preview of the big game. >> reporter: good evening from fairfax high school tonight it's the season opener for fair fox and wt woodson. we have a kick-off at 7:30. since 2004, this matchup has been lopsided with woodson dominating the past seven seasons but the wins don't come easy. the home team fairfax has been on the up and up for the past calm of seasons. from 6-5 last year with a trip to the playoffs. they didn't make it past the first ro
are talking about a threat of flooding. the flood watch is in affect. and you can see the green areas. fairfax county, woodbridge, stafford. those are two to three inch storm totals. four to six inch totals across parts of southern maryland down route 4 in to calvert and st. mary's county and even six inch totals across the northern neck. back to the weather computer. if we can, i want to show you the moisture streaming in from the south. low pressure coming out of south carolina already produced upwards of 20 inches of rain in eastern north carolina. obviously flooding is going on there. this will be with us for the day. maybe lessening later in the afternoon. you can see how the moisture continues to stream north. look at those deep oranges. the deep tropical rich moisture moving north. with that and a storm tracking to this west. a tornado watch until 7 a.m. this is a short lived one. i imagine this will be replaced after 7 a.m. and basically everyone east of 95 including washington, much of howard county, eastern montgomery, down to the northern neck, southern maryland, eastern shore. torn
the area. the rain total since midnight are here. we are at 4.5 hours. manassas, fairfax, about 1.5 inches. we are going to add to this many parts of the area produce locally there is even more than that. we have a big change on the way for the day. rain is heavy at times. it'll become windy. temperatures today are 72 degrees to 78 degrees. we will take a bucket the extended aloe. >> good morning. >> good morning. right now they are dealing with a tractor-trailer accidents. allow yourself some extra time. in the crashes on the right side of the road with a bill with the rain, a you will find it extremely tedious. hydroplaning is reported in several areas. i-70 closed east of 29. here we are. rhode spray will also reduce your visibility. we will get more. >> it is 4:32. our storm watch coverage continues. we are live in old town alexandria where the water could rise rapidly as high tide rolls in. what is the situation? >> what now we are not seeing too much damage. the area is certainly is to flooding and water coming in very high. you can look at this marker over here. this monitor is how
[unintelligible] >>> coming up, criminals fight in fairfax county. how you can avoid becoming the next victim. >>> effort against the pope, he is in great britain. arrests were made. >>> we are miring a developing story from moscow or early summer casias -- where lisa murkowsky is trying to keep her job. she will start a right and campaign. >>> the pope is moving forward with his plans despite a terrorist plot against him appeared those men were plotting against him. the decals have not been released. -- the details have not been released. >>> the american hikers who was released from an iranian prison, she has agreed to speak publicly once she rides -- once scherr's in the u.s.. -- once she arrives in the u.s. she spent more than a year in solitary confinement. her fiancee and friend are still in iran and accused of spying. >>> police are looking for a burglar who apparently bricks into homes overnight and then vanishes into the night. a live report is coming up. >>> then affleck stars and directs in "the town." we have a preview coming up.3q this is unlike any car you've ever seen before. t
and an experience to remember. in fairfax, peggy fox, 9 news now. >> congressman connelly says the wealthiest 5% of the population account for 30% of the consumer spending. increasing their taxes, he says will cause them to spend less and hurt the economy. meanwhile on the senate floor today mitch mccon dell knell say he has the votes to block the president's plan to extend some of the bush era tax cuts. at issue the tax cuts for people making more than a quarter million dollars and individuals making more than 200,000. he says the deal with only pass the senate if the cuts are extended for everyone. >> i'm introducing legislation today that insures that no one in the country will pay higher income taxes next year than they are right now. >> reporter: his statement is of course at odds with the top republican in the house because over the weekend john boehner signaled he might be open to compromise. the house minority leader said if the only option is to vote for some of the same tax reductions he would vote for just some of them. >>> dc votes at the polls tomorrow. it is primary day and fenty
. >> thanks a lot. following developing story out of fairfax county. where a man is in custody in connection with the shooting death of his neighbor. 44-year-old david patton has been charged with murder. investigators say he shot a 48- year-old stephen carr in springfield last night. investigators say the two men had recently been involved in some sort of traffic and incident and they were due in court this coming thursday. >>> parents in montgomery county are on alert after a scare near a school. police say three 11-year-old girls were walking in the woods and a one point two got separated from the other girl and that is on the third girl says she was approached by a man dressed in black and wearing a ski mask. >> she started to run away. he followed her for a short distance and then stopped. >> the man is thought to be in his birdie's, 6 feet tall. police searched the area for him and was never found. of the principal sent home to a letter alerting families. >>> police are investigating two separate shootings at officers' homes in calvert county, and the chesapeake ranch estates in lusby.
died, and the other is in critical condition. >>> in fairfax, police are warning residents about a serial burglar. eight of the -- of the incidents happened with the latest yesterday morning. residents are warned to lock their doors. >>> when we continue, the latest on the international terror plot intercepted by intelligence officials. who is at the center of this investigation? plus, a major recall alert. more on the millions of items effected. president obama ways in on the colbert purses stewart rally. thee keeping our eye on sky. thee keeping our eye on sky. steve will join us with we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at progressive.com. >>> let's get to some breaking news -- emergency crews in northeast washington came to the rescue when drivers became trapped. sam ford has the late breaking news. >> i am on rhode island avenue in northeast washington under this underpass. the water started rising about an hour ago, catching a number of moto
fairfax county comnity are stunned to learn that a murder there may have stemmed from a discussion about a speed ump. his neighbor, david patton, has been arrested. court documents show patton was previously charged with assaulting carr in june apparent because he was upset that carr had lobbied lawmakers to have a speed hump installed in front of his house. the two were due in court this week on that asslt charge. >> real, real sa day for the community. neighbors can't get along sometimes, and a silly thing like a speed hump can cau a tragedy like this. it doesn't make any sense, does it? >> david patton is being held without bond tonight. >>> the police in south florida are investigating the murder of a businessman from the d.c. area. the body of samuel del broco was found in his house last night. del broco was the chief executive officer. he frequently went to orlando for business. executives there have not released any details aut his murder. they released a statement that said we are shocked and sad denned about the sudden loss of our ceo,ut they refused to go any further because of
at the fairfax county parkway. 270 has typical volume. normal pattern into hyattstown. metrorail, dupont circle station has a power outage with no escalators or elevators off with red line trains running through. >>> hurricane earl is starting to leave its mark on the east coast. it is making its presence felt in southeastern virginia. heavy rain, wind, rough surf at the north carolina coast. there are flooded roads on the outer banks. authorities will check for damage at daybreak. the storm is not as strong, but it packs a punch. high surf and deadly recurrence in the aftermath. -- deadly rip currents . >> there are gusts of 15 miles an hour, enough to move my hair and a little rain. that is not stopping people from watching the conditions at the boardwalk. ocean city police have been up and down all morning. authorities would prefer you to stay indoors. some people have been out watching the waves. there are still some pretty big waves rolling, pounding the maryland coast. we are still waiting for hurricane earl to arrive. ocean city police ordered people off the beaches when the first strong
's, eventually in the 60's. nighttime lows in the 50's. it is 74 in fairfax, petersburg, west virginia at 81 degrees. our skies are going to clear over the next couple of hours. look for clouds late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night and then showers for the first half of sunday. we will talk about the forecast and what we can expect for the big football game on sunday night in just a few minutes. >>> president obama put the economy front and center as he appealed to voters to take a long view of his reform measures. the president ask for more time to let the economy healed. mr. obama had no problem acknowledging improvement is still a work in progress, and he attacked republicans for refusing to help. >> do you want the same kind of skewed policies that led us to this crisis? the republicans are ready to offer that. >> democrats hope -- >> breaking news from iran. the gentleman was supposed to be set free after year in solitary confinement. her mother says she has a potentially cancerous position and has been denied access to medical care. she was jailed after allegedly c
, fairfax, loudoun county, school districts of back in session this morning. classrooms are coping with the effects of big budget cuts. >> pamela brown is live in vienna with more. >> schools across northern virginia will be welcoming more students than ever this year. because of that, a lot of schools across several counties will be stretched to the maximum enrollment the golden do increase. 3200 more students in fairfax county compared with last year. officials believe some of the moment increase is connected to the influx of young hispanic families with higher birthrates in arlingts. the alexandria city school system is expecting a 3.2% increase. the jump in a moment comes at a time when budgets are tight. spending per student will be cut by $300 in fairfax county because funding fell by $16 million for this fiscal year. parents are having to dish out more school-related fees and for athletics and advanced placement courses. teacher salaries, and freezes are still in effect. the superintendent says that salary increases will be a priority for the next budget year. madison high s
are on the lookout for a man who they say sexually assaulted a woman in fairfax county. the 23-year-old was attacked just before 4:30 near la vista drive and franconia road. tracee wilkins joins us from alexandria. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. investigators wrapped up their investigation here in the immediate neighborhood. they have not wrapped up their search for the suspects. fairfax county police are going door to door warning neighbors and searching for clues after a 23-year-old woman was sexually assaulted at a neighborhood bus stop. >> we believe this attack was random. a woman standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus. someone approached her from behind and began to assault her. >> reporter: it happened just before 4:30 this morning on franconia road, a major commuter route. a man jogging by found the woman. police were there within minutes. a quiet suburban area. >> it's very unusual for this area, this neighborhood. we have been here for 40 years and never had a problem. >> reporter: the victim is expected to be okay and is recovering at fairfax hospital. for people
fire walls were built there. >>>obberies across fairfax county have been committed by the same person. police are worried because guns were stolen from some of the homes. jackie bensen has more on this story. >> reporter: open garage doors, fairfax county police say it's an invitation to an extremely prolific thief targeting homes. >> the suspect is entering unlocked doors into the home, going inside home to, retrieving car keys, entering the vehicles outside and taking items from in the car. >> reporter: the thief has been busy, very busy after a news story last friday warning the community about nearly four dozen break ins police think he committed nearly 20 more. this time he stole something more than purses and wallets. >> in the larcenies from vehicles he stole two hand guns out of those vehicles. we're asking residents to be extreme live cautious if they should encount the suspect. >> reporter: fairfax county police are urging homeowners to keep their garage doors closed at all times. in oakton a cul-de-sac with just six homes, two had open garage doors this afternoon. one was c
: a number of jurisdictions went back to school, today it's fairfax county's turn. the kids are heading back to class a couple of hours from now. this year though, fairfax county bill have to do more with less. enrollment is up but funding is down. there are also new fees kicking in this year. students will have to pay $100 activity fee for each sport they play. also, there's a $75 fee for each ap or ib test that they take. now the worst of the cuts were avoided. there were a number of electives slated for elimination that have been spared. that's good news for the students who take those classes. there's also a lot of excitement about the return to school today. we don't want to forget about all of that. a lot of teachers anxious to get back in the classrooms, a lot of students ready to see their friends. there are 175,000 kids in the fairfax county school system making it the largest in virginia, one of the largest in the country. again, we're going to be seeing quite a bit of activity at this school. in a couple of hours the kids will be heading back to class. we'll see the superintendent
george county, the city of alexandria, fairfax, falls church, arlington county, loudoun county, fauquier county. i'm reading this to you because this just broke and we don't have the map ready yet. prince william county, fairfax county, even fauquier county. this is a flash flood warning. this is in effect until 10:45 a.m. this moons that flooding is imminent or has been observed already. you want to know that. flash flood warning in effect for essentially all of the area. and a tornado watch now in effect -- let's see. i'll let you know how long that is in effect just shortly. that includes washington, d.c., anne arundel county, prince george's county. that is in effect until 1:00. let's get to max 2. we can show you that map there. the areas covered by the tornado watch in effect until 1:00 this afternoon. what that means is that conditions are good for the possibility of the formation of tornadoes. this is a watch. if we get any indication that there is rotation in the atmosphere or anything like that. we'll get a tornado warning but right now, it is a tornado watch in effect for most
than it was 24 hours ago. locally 63 sterling and reston. fairfax is 71. columbia and laurel 62. crofton and andrews air force base 83 and springfield and brandywine are 88 along with arlington. manassas 64 and dc 69. 70 reagan national. going to 84 by noon and 88 at 5:00. topping off at 90 with south winds ten miles an hour. front tomorrow, we have a cool down and a chance of rain in the seven-day forecast. i will let you know when that will happen with when i see you in a few minutes. right now time for traffic. >>> hope you are off to a terrific tuesday. we begin in maryland and looks like everyone is doing fine. nice quiet commute out of frederick past 121 to the split. our next stop moves us to virginia. 66 eastbound. everyone is fine this way. moving at speed. moving to the maps the beltway in virginia, drivers are okay from the wilson bridge past 95, past brad took to 66. 395 lanes are wide open past duke street to inside the beltway. finally we will call it a wrap in northeast dc. everyone is moving. there's just a few drivers out here on inbound new york avenue past bla
for the last eight years and has four challengers in the primary. >>> a developing story out of fairfax county. a murder down in springfield was not a random act. just after 10:00 last night they found a man shot to death inside a house on field master drive in springfield. possible gunman in custody, they do believe someone specifically targeted this home. >>> police shot and killed a dog after it got into a fight and bit at least two people. officers ran to break up a fight between two dogs in the 2300 block of 18th street northwest. police say one of the dogs, a rottweiler, got away and bit a man at the festival. when an officer tried to restrain the dog, it bit the officer as well. that's when police say they shot and killed the dog. so far no charges have been filed. >>> a warning to parents before they send children off to school. a man in a ski mask followed a girl to school thursday outside biel elementary in rockville. three girls were playing when one of them says a man wearing all black and a mask over his face approached her. according to montgomery county police, the girl says the
are investigating the report of a sexual assault that took place in fairfax county, a 23-year-old woman says someone grabbed her from behind and assaulted her this morning at a bus stop in franconia. police closed off lanes of franconia road near la vista drive during the investigation. >> i have been living here over 30 years. nothing happened like this. pretty bad. >> reporter: the victim was taken to a local hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. police say her attacker is described as being a heavy set man between 25 years old an 40 years old. >>> the loudoun county board of supervisors is expected to issue a ruling any minute on whether to ali religious holiday displays at the county courthouse. the proposal was the subject of spirited debate last night in leesburg. supporters of the ban say it upholds the concept of separation of church and state, but opponents, like virginia attorney general argue the ban violates the constitution. >>> a man who allegedly fired a shot at his former girlfriend and then fled is due back in montgomery montgomery county police say the woman had a protective
from western fairfax, westward, in the extreme drought up in the panhandle of west virginia where they have a burning ban there until further notice. as alex mentioned, watch your cigarette buds, don't burn anywhere. do not burn anything. a clear sky that will be cool. turn off the alaska, open up the windows. low temperatures in the 60s. and we'll come back and we'll talk about the weekend forecast. we've got the turns in town. we've got the skins in town, we've got nascar down in richmond, all kinds of things going on. they will stay dry. >>> all right, thank you, top. let's get outside for the evening rush. a rough night on the road to home. >> yeah, that's right, derek. a thursday. but it sure looks like friday out there on the roadway. you can see that on the outer loop, still jam packed here, all the way down to 66, no breakaway point for them for the commuters traveling on this route. on the inner loop though, a little better, carrying the better minimal delays onto the university boulevard. switch over to i-66. all those headlights coming towards you. so a lot of congestio
... until we make this right. . >>> good evening from fairfax high school. aim lindy murphy. tonight's game of the week pits fairfax against wt woodson. it kicks off in a little over an hour. the redskins must trim their roster from 735 players down to 53 players by tomorrow as they get ready for their season opener on sunday. but first, back to last night's game. the skins visiting the cardinals in their preseason finale. this is banks, he had a punt return for a touchdown against the bills in the first preseason game and last night he returns this first quarter kick-off 40 yards. his status in question. willie parker breaks off a 13-yard run. he would finish with 7 carries for 35 yards. to the fourth quarter another widout trying to make the team, austin. he gets his first touchdown of the preseason. austin five catches for 94 yards and a score in his most impressive presence to date. what is the most important part of this game for you, coach? >> we had a chance to evaluate a lot of people today and that's what we wanted to do. we had some of our younger guys go against some of their fir
project. >>> new details about a murder in fairfax county. e crime was not a random act. just after 10:00 last night they found a man shot to death inside a home on field master drive in springfield. although police do not have a possible gunman in custody, they do believe someone specifically targeted this home. >>> now, to decision 2010. tomorrow is the d.c. primary elections. there's a new round of finger pointing between the two leading candidates for may ovrmt derrick ward reports. >> reporter: mayor fenty says as it was explained to him, people started showing up at a southeast polling place asking for gift cards. a quid pro quo was being offered. fenty campaign workers went to investigate. >> when they did so they found there was a whole group of people who were told if they went and voted they would also get a gift card and the people who were doing it were either volunteers, affiliates or employees. >> reporter: this video was shot by a fenty campaign worker. >> could i get a giant gift card if i vote? >> it's not to vote. >> what are we getting it for. >> listen, you get them
of population control in fairfax county. >> they planned to use bow hunters to bring down the deer population. >> it is not at all unusual to see deer here. is so common fairfax county says something has to be done. signs warn drivers to be on the lookout as communities have sprung up around with portions of fairfax county, so have the number of deer collisions. >> in the past year i have had a deer fly in front of my car. >> i have only hit one but i have seen six on this street that have been hit. >> the deer population has grown to more than 100 per square mile. >> you tend to get decree's visitation -- decrease vegetation. >> conservationists survey at 6000 residents and many find hunting should be allowed at many parks. >>> they are dear, they are not hurting anybody. >> you can be over populated and it can be dangerous. >> bow hunters will use air rose to kill deer. a strategy that is safer for people but some residents have questions. >> i don't think there has ever been a history of a bowhunting fatality. >> that does not seem humane to me. >> the hunting will not just be a free-for-a
your doors is the order in fairfax county. >> everybody's lives are being affected or altered little bit. >> one man has been able to break into 70 homes. and and out of control car plows into a building and burst into flames. in the lindsay land might soon be out of jail. >> live, in hd. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> we begin tonight with a disturbing story in fairfax county. one man has been creeping in the homes of dozens of them while people ours beeping -- while people are sleeping. >> residents, especially in the northern part of fairfax county are certainly worried in the wake of these break-ins, many of them. police are worried that the suspect might be armed. >> how long can he go on, how is he getting out and -- in and out of these neighborhoods unnoticed? >> we have lived here for 13 years and never had a problem. it is a concern because it has always been a very safe neighborhood. >> but there is cause for concern in this and other area neighborhoods. police believe that one man started breaking into homes and cars, usually taking c
. that includes the city of alexandria, arlington, fairfax, loudoun and prince william counties. fairfax county is the largest school system in the area, with more than 170,000 kids. and some are heading back to construction sites. beechwood elementary in falls church is undergoing a major expansion. the principal said the whole thing will be worth it in the end when they have a brand spanking new facility. for students it's a mixture of anxiety and excitement. >> who is excited? >> i don't have to do football every day. >> so you're tired of football? and you're exciting about homework and reading and writing and math? >> no. >> well hopefully most kids have thur supplies to go for backpacks. but some families waited until the last minute. we found some frustrated shoppers leaving stores empty handed. >> reporter: the countdown to the school bell underway, it was a last ditch effort to buy supplies. >> i went into the store to just get composition notebooks and pencils and there aren't any. >> were you shocked? >> yes. i was very shocked. >> reporter: his mom said it's a good thing, that's the
washington, mid-60s. low 60s prince george' county. arlington, fairfax and montgomery near 60 degrees. good weather across maryland for the election. it's in the low 60s and upper 50s on the eastern shore inhe mountains of western maryland and west viinia. near 60 this morning. a few high clouds drifting from the northwest. we'll have quite a bit of sunshine today. a few high clouds fm time to time. highs reaching the low 80s. a bit of a northwest breeze. tomorrow more of the same although a bit cooler. a chance for rain moving in after sunset, thursday evening and rush hour friday morning and drying out after that. how is the tuesday traffic? >> tom, good morning. good morning, everyone. starting off quiet and dry. good visibility this morning. unlike yesterday. interstate 66 yesterday this time was shrouded in fog. not the case this morning. moving along nicely. germantown along i-270 southbound around the bend to 118. so far so good as we get under way. >> well, thank you, jerry. >> today voters will decide prince george's cnty executive. it is expected to be a highly competitive race. >
. this morning is the first day of classes for students in fairfax, prescripti prince william and ar lilington counties. students in alexandria will also go back today. fairfax is expecting about 175,000 kids to head back to class making it the largest school district in virginia. many students and parents are having to spend money on more than school supplies. >> reporter: the buses are ready to roll in virginia's largest school district, school signs flash the welcome back messages. the countdown to september 7th is almost over and so is the race to gather up school supplies. this mom and son duo got a later than usual start and they are hoping ap i a one-stop at a supply store will do the trick. >> we will see, i told him we'll make sure we have everything. >> reporter: they brought their his to the store and left the kids behind at home. patricia did most of her shopping on the tax free in early august but even now found good deals. >> five books for nine cents each. >> reporter: some fairfax county parents will be paying for more than school
at a fairfax county bus stop. it happened yesterday morning near the intersection of la vista drive and franconia road. our 9 news now kristin fisher has the latest information on the investigation and the community reaction to this crime crime. >> he is no longer letting his little sister walk alone. >> now we can't trust this place. >> reporter: around 4:30 yesterday morning, a 23-year- old woman was waiting at this fairfax county bus stop when a man grabbed her from behind and sexually assaulted her. the victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries now the search is on for the suspect. >> my mom is scared so she can't come here by herself. >> reporter: fairfax county police have been staked at the bus stop throughout the morning and they are stopping drivers and giving them flyers, the flyer that contains a description of the crime, but also a description of the suspect. police say he's a hispanic male between 25 and 35 years old. he has a stocky build and wearing a white t-shirt and tan cargo pants at the time of the attack. >> it is scary because a lot of
. >>> a really busy burglar hit again in fairfax. eight houses overnight and more than 80 crimes in all. >>> plus, wait until you hear about amtrak's plan from d.c. to boston. >>> they play their home finale tonight. could it be the final game for adam dunne in the nationals uniform? plus, mcnabb. two chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the darea, we figured they could e our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. for good reason. first, he protted tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big rporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help.and again middle cde do. >>> a man from the district was killed after jumping out of an apart
are not required in home construction there. >>> more than 60 crimes all over fairfax county have been committed by the same person. that's according to police investigators. the crime spree s stretched om sully to pharoah. there are numerous concerns because guns have been stolen. jackie bensen has the latest on this investigation. jackie? >> reporter:dory, the suspect doesn't even have to bother breaking in, and now, as you said, he has a gun. open garage doors. he targets neighbors in the county. he enters garages in the late night hours. >> the suspect is entering garages inside the home, retrievingar keys, entering the vehicles from t outside and taking items from in the car. >> reporter: the thief has been busy, very busy. after a news story last friday warning the community abo nearly four dozen break-ins, police think he committed nearly 20 more. this time he stole something re than purses and wallets. >> in the larcenies from vehicles, he has stolen two handguns out of those vehicles. so we are asking residents to be extremely cautious if they shoul encounter the suspect. >> reporter: f
in fairfax county are on edge after a series of burglaries and robberies in their neighborhood. police say there have been 34 cases since august 24 and they believe one man is responsible. dorothy spencer is at fairfax county atolice headquarters with more. dorothy? >> reporter: i spoke to one of those victims tonight. she had her purse stolen from her unlocked suv. she said her sense of safety is now gone. she is getting a home security system installed. residents in fairfax county felt so safe many residents didn't even lock their doors or windows. but a recent rashof burglaries has shattered their peace of mind. >> it happened once or twice and we thought, well, that's it, but they keep coming back, and that's what's alarming. >> police believe one criminal is responsible for 34 burglaries, thefts from houses and cars since august 24. they say he steals wallets and purses for the cash. >> it's just the information we're receiving from the neighborhood and just the typical oration of highway he's doing these larcenies and burglaries that lead us to believe it one person. >> they found a
of the house. >> fairfax county is the largest school district in our area with more than 170,000 students and it has seen a spike in enrollment over the past few years, while at the same time they had to deal with fairly major budget cuts. >> we had to make cuts across the board in the classrooms, increasing class size, decreasing services in the schools, the secretarial, custodial, principals. the list goes on. for this school year we have not made any additional cuts. >> still, parents will have to pay 75 bucks if they want their child to take an advanced placement or an advanced test. athletes pay $100 per sport to play. big changes to the fairfax county lunch menus. >>> yes, virginia, there is a santa claus. this week we can say, yes, virginia, there will be christmas in leesburg. we'll explain. >> reporter: the holidays are a big deal in leesburg. for decades on the courthouse grounds a tree, a nativity scene, and in resen years a min nora, sikh prayers and a sign celebrating atheism. some worry things can get out of hasn't. >> i don't want any witness or juror walking into a courtho
the district. washington, fairfax, and a flash flood warning in effect for the entire metro area. look at the moisture moving in our direction. heavier bands of rain across richmond. all this will move north-northeast over the next eight hours or so. then we'll look for a quick end to the rain this evening. our live doppler radar as we head closer into the immediate metro area. right now the rain heading to the west. gaithersburg to dulles airport. looking at moderate rains. rainfall rates at an inch per hour. rainfall rates at a quarter to a half inch. so a lot of rain on the way today. rush hour compute looking nasty. but for tonight, we look for improving conditions. could see five inches or more before the system moves out of here. we have the tornado watch remaining in effect until 1:00 p.m. this afternoon for a good part of the metro area. high today only in the 70's. also a wind advisory that's just gone in effect for anne arundel, st. mary eisen and calvert counties until 6:00 this evening with wind gusts up to 40-45 miles per hour. the upcoming weekend looks cooler and dry. le
into the upper 50s now in western fairfax county, louden, parts of prince william. blue ridge, northern montgomery only near 60. and low 60s now in arlington and in prince george's county, southern montgomery is in the low 60s. only in the 40s now in western maryland and west virginia in many locations. eastern shore is near 60. this dry weather thanks to canadian high pressure pushing in, it will be in place here into saturday with the cooler weather and then sunday a likelihood of rain. it looks like it will end for the skins/cowboys game sunday night. how is our traffic? good morning, it is a huffit ise this morning. no problems to route on route 7. here's a dark look at 28 along the bottom of your screen and the dulles toll road coming at us. very few cars. 66 eastbound, no big trouble spots to start you off this early morning. capital beltway in great shape. headlights are continuing toward the beltway at the posted speed limit. back to you. >>> two women are in the hospital right now after an out of control car went careening in to a restaurant in northwest washington. it happened
may clip through this as well as fairfax some showers this morning. not everyone is seeing them right now. getting ready for the bus stop, you want to have the rain gear handy as we have showers. some are heavy. sun is up at 7:01. today, could be a shower, especially east of town 9:00. 75. 80 at noon. partly to mostly cloudy skies and 81, partly sunny, should be a nice afternoon an here with a little bit of a breeze. tonight, partly cloudy and cooler. 55 to 62. winds shifting to the northwest at phi clock. 6:56 on sunset and how about wednesday. maybe a little sun early. otherwise increasing clouds with a late shower possible. highs around 75 degrees. we have 73 in town. upper 60sin the shenandoah valley. cumberland, one of the cool spots at 61 and low 70sle really all over there with muggy conditions in southern maryland. 50sin the mountains. dew point in the 60s. so this tropical air mass in place can produce this heavy rainfall thanks to low pressure pulling through west virginia. this thing is going to continue to pull away from us. so that with a front coming through later on we
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